Avalon California

Avalon California

Avalon a Serene Retreat on Catalina Island, California

When life’s stresses and pressures get too much for you, head over to Catalina Island and you’ll discover a serene retreat that’s bound to have you unwinded in no time. The island, is only around 22 physical miles from the mainland, however in regards to lifestyle and large population, it’s a lifetime away. With just 2 ports on the island, one into the primary town of Avalon, and the other into the more remote side of the island at Two Harbors, and just 2 methods onto the island, through the water or helicopter, there’s really little sound from lorries. Relatively few cars exist on the island and many visitors either navigate on foot or bicycle.

Despite being such a small island, there are things to do here on the days when you feel like doing something a little more energetic than enjoying the sun. When you first show up on Catalina Island you need to visit the regional Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau which will give you all the details you require about what’s on, where to find it, and of course concepts of where to remain and eat if you haven’t currently made bookings. In the peak months however, you should always reserve your room prior to venturing throughout to the island. Although you may be fortunate to get here and discover a room, it’s not likely throughout high season since there is a minimal amount of lodging available. Two of the most popular locations to go to on Catalina Island are the Catalina Island Museum which charts the history of the island through it’s various phases from the more recent history through the Hollywood period (the island was among the first primary Hollywood movie sets) right back to the Native Americans. Practically 2 miles out of Avalon you’ll discover the Wrigley Botanical Gardens which will thrill anybody who has an interest in flora and fauna. William Wrigley (as in the chewing gum empire) as soon as owned the island and you might even remain in his estate which is now transformed into a bed and breakfast establishment.Catalina Island may not sound very amazing when compared to the tourist attractions of Los Angeles and San Francisco, however for anyone requiring to get away the stress of city life, it’s a best beach oasis.

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